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Wessex Institute of Technology: Diverse Research

Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is a postgraduate research center located in Ashurst, England that specializes in systems and mechanics. Participants are able to choose from a variety of activities. Graduate programs at the master and doctorate level allow students to collaborate with other worldwide institution and earn degrees. Research within the fields of fluid mechanics and industrial research make progress that has been recognized by the media and other universities. WIT’s publishing arm produces scientific books, monographs, and edited works that are distributed among researches and various publications. This online feature is accompanied by an eLibrary with access to the finest materials and references only available to current WIT individuals. Nevertheless, the library holds a database of finished products that are available to the public. Finally, software services provide technological support and frequently collaborate with aerospace and automotive industries. All of the above activities are directly sponsored by Wessex Institute of Technology and have corresponding conferences on campus.

Principal Carlos Brebbia manages the institution, enforcing work quality and acceptance criteria for all researchers. WIT’s mission is to develop the growth of professional research and create a positive atmosphere with achievement in mind. Resources such as a library, online database, and team-oriented workspaces allow researchers to use effective material while maintaining close relationships with fellow peers. WIT’s standards are high and the achievements of participants are even more impressive. The institution has developed multiple award winning papers that have made enormous impacts on the fields of agriculture and microbiology. After success is found at WIT, many individuals continue on to careers supported by the institution in academia or the natural sciences. Magazines, television channels, and journals have praised WIT’s history of excellence and their dedication to a better society.

George Soros Continues to Discuss Politics After Election

George Soros has been one of the most influential people in the world for the past few decades due to his incredible net worth and strong influences on the social and political climate across the world. Soros amassed his net worth of $25 billion through the ownership and management of Soros Funds, one of the largest and most successful hedge funds in the world. Today, he is one of the twenty wealthiest people in the world.

While Soros is Austrian born and spent the majority of his childhood in the United Kingdom, he has continued to have a strong interest in social and political issues that are taking place in the United States. This past year, Soros made a significant amount of news when he pledged his backing to the Hillary Clinton campaign early during her presidential campaign.

Overall, it is estimated that George Soros raised over $25 million either personally or through various interest groups that he is a part of. This money went to help her win the Democratic nomination, but also heavily focused on defeating Donald Trump in the Presidential election.

The weekend following the election, Soros gathered various political and social leaders from around the US and the rest of the globe at a conference room in Washington DC. The meeting took place with the intent to discuss the future of the Democratic party and to also discuss what steps could be taken to help reduce the impact that the Republican Presidency, and Trump in particular, could have on the world.

Thus far, the biggest takeaway from the meeting has been that the political party needs to get people to vote in larger margins going forward. It has been thought that part of the reason that Trump was victorious is that many people believed that Clinton would easily win the electoral college, which reduced the need for individual voters to come out on the election day. Going forward, the party will take steps to increase the turnout from voters in areas all over the country in presidential elections as well as all elections that could impact Congress over the next four years.

This is not the first time that Soros has taken an interest in the US Presidential election. In 2004 he reportedly donated over $10 million to campaigns looking to unseat George W Bush, which were ultimately unsuccessful.

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