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The Triumphs Of The Historical Labor Organizer James Larkin

James Larkin is a historical Irish figure who assumed the roles of activist, labor organizer, and became the founder of the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union referred to as the ITGWU. He was born in Liverpool, England on January 21st of 1876. As the creator of the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union he received recognition when it became the largest union in the region.

After the Dublin Lockout the ITGWU fell apart which sent James Larkin to the United States in 1914. He did eventually get deported but was a fervent Marxist and his organization of labor continued well into the 1940’s. His death occurred in Dublin, Ireland on January 30th of 1947.

James Larkin spent his youth in Liverpool, England’s slums. He did not receive much in the way of a formal education and had to supplement the income of his family. While he was growing up he worked many different types of jobs until he finally became a foreman at the docks of Liverpool.

James Larkin became committed as a socialist and stood behind the workers he believed were not being treated fairly. This was the reason he became a member of the National Union of Dock Laborers or the NUDL. In 1905 he began to organize the trade unions on a full time basis.

The NUDL became alarmed by the militant strike methods used by James Larkin and in 1907 they transferred him to Dublin. It was during this time he became the founder for the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. The union was established with the goal of combining all of the unskilled and skilled industrial workers in Ireland into a single organization.

James Larkin continued in his quest and founded the Irish Labor Party and was directly responsible for being the leader in what became a series of strikes. The most significant strike became known as the Dublin Lockout and occurred in 1913. At this time in excess of 100,000 workers went on strike for a period lasting more than eight months. The strike led to the workers receiving the right to obtain fair employment.

When World War I broke out James Larkin was responsible for the staging of large demonstrations for anti-war in Dublin. He additionally traveled to the United States in the hopes of raising capital to help in the fight against the British. In 1920 James Larkin was convicted of criminal communism and anarchy although he did receive a pardon after three years when he was deported back to Ireland.

This was when he finally secured recognition form Ireland’s Communist International and organized the Workers’ Union of Ireland in 1924. In 1903 James Larkin was married to Elizabeth Brown and the union resulted in the birth of four sons.

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Family and Property

Damac Owner Hussain Sajwani

A few weeks following Donald Trump’s announced travel ban, imposed on seven Muslim nations, billionaire real estate partner within the UAE – Hussain Sajwani – showed a picture of serenity while sitting in his room near a top 25-story Dubai skyscraper; he calmly explained how he’ll handle living as a Muslim within a Muslim nation while conducting business with a man seen as anti-Muslim. He’s changing nothing. Instead, he’s doubling on his Trump relationship. Sajwani has built one community with his Trump golf course and is at work on another. Those people who play golf understand that Trump can deliver the highest-quality golf courses, according to Sajwani, who proudly clads his traditional white Emirati robes and headdress.


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Sajwani understands what Trump connotes – wealth, fame, power, opulence – and he partners with such brands to burnish projects built by his $1.9 billion Damac Properties. Truthfully, he has a Trump-like comfort with an extravagant marketing plan. Now he’s betting that this Trump brand can withstand smudges of Islamophobia.


Sajwani’s origin came when he built his very first real estate project during the early 2000s, making a 38-story residential tower sell out in under six weeks. He then went on to erect Bugatti, Fendi and even Versace brand residences and was later known for his promotional stunts, such as handing out free Lamborghinis to apartment buyers. Throughout his newest Aykon City development in Dubai, Sajwani has created an attraction known as the Aykon Dare: One puts on a harness and walks along the building’s edge – 80 stories upward.


In 2011, Sajwani planned his 42-million-square-foot community right outside Dubai – Damac Hills – which calls itself “the Middle-Eastern Beverly Hills”. Trump’s name is in the center there, thanks to a 500-acre Trump golf course with a section of Trump villas selling for $1.5 million. The course opened recently, and President Trump’s sons – Eric and Donald Jr. – attended a 1,000-person event featuring fireworks and magicians, who delighted audiences by turning grains of sand into pearls.


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The exceptional Business and Leadership achievements of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is one of the most focused individuals who are not resting at any point until her results are felt in both business and leadership. The lady is known to have one of the most remarkable resumes across the world earned from her persistent achievements in the field of business. By the fact that every person has specific areas of interest, Lori’s areas of interest include photography, entrepreneurship, politics, technology, and business.

In her career, Lori has worked as a top executive at several companies including the McCann Erickson, KBS and International businesswoman. In the MDC partner agencies, she worked as a board member consultant to ensure the company’s growth and cross-collaboration. Currently, Lori is serving as the Global CEO in one of the most promising advertising agents known as the CP+ Bogusky. She felt honored for the request by Chuck Porter to work with the leadership team of the CP+B with him. In her career, Senecal has worked selflessly in developing strategic partnerships, accelerating the growth of the agencies across the world as well and creating new business divisions.

Lori’s exceptional life has earned her several awards and honors such as the 2014 Ad Age’s women to keep watch and the 2013 Quantum Leap award. It is also important to note that Lori is the Isaac award’s founder where she served as the Jury chair. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

In every company where Lori has worked, the company is known to register tremendous results. As an individual, she strongly believes in the invention as the vehicle to deliver competitive brands’ advantage. She has led in the generation of new inventions that has significantly rewarded companies including KBS where she established the agency business units for start-up investments, technology, and content creation as well. In addition, she helped KBs to grow from a domestic agency of 250 people to over 900 people worldwide.

When it comes to leadership, Lori is one of the greatest leaders that every employee would wish to work for. She significantly helps her employees by all means possible to create and actualize their dream careers. She has created her legacy of backing up and incubating most of the employees’ startup projects by organizing competitions for agency-wide inventions where the employees inspired to come up with their projects thus promoting the culture of invention. Lori is the leader who involves clients to help in the optimization of the agency structures and capabilities.

While many leaders are mean to share their knowledge and skills, Lori Senecal has been sharing her thought leadership and industry insights through the television appearances and speaking engagement.

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Routine And Flexibility With Doe Deere

One interesting thing about Doe Deere is that she is someone who has a routine while at the same time allows for some flexibility. This is in fact one of the most important factors to her success. She makes sure that she has some set times so that she can get the most out of her business. For instance, she has a set time for sleeping so that she can make sure that she is getting proper rest. The rest of her routine that starts the day is making sure she is getting adequate amounts of water and nutrients for her body and mind.


However, flexibility comes in at a point which is best for her. This is when it has to do with ideas for her business. One of the worst things that one can do when it comes to business is try to force ideas. When ideas are forced, this can result in products that are actually not that good. As a result, customers are either frustrated or wishing for the older product. This is often a common theme when new products come out to replace an older product. The newer product which was a result of forced over thinking turns out to be inferior to the older product which came from a moment of inspiration.


This is one thing that Doe Deere is avoiding by letting ideas come to her as opposed to trying to bring something new to the company everyday. Another advantage that this has for the company and customers is that it allows the customers to grow accustomed to what they may consider is their favorite product. When a business takes away a great selling product, then this could alienate some of the customers, especially if the replacement product is very inferior.


Fortunately, Doe Deere is always thoughtful when it comes to the products she develops. One thing she does is put herself in the shoes of the customer. One thing that she thinks about is what if she was a customer who buys a favorite product only to have it taken away from her. This is one thing that she considers to be one of the most frustrating experiences a customer can have with a business. Therefore, Doe Deere tries to spare the customers all of the frustrations that could come with going to the regular spot for the regular products that they usually buy.


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