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Incredible Achievements of Madison Street Capital

Most of you like to know who Madison Street Capital (MSC) is and that is why you are here. Madison Street Capital is an organization that is known for providing business advice to firms all over the globe. Based in Chicago, this company helps other companies in getting loans for investment. It is known for helping reputable companies with merger and valuation services.

Getting Credit

Madison Street Capital is known for assisting Vital Care Industries in winning the best loan providers. From the tips and advisory services given by MSC, this based medical company is now the leading in supplying sterile medical equipment for many years.

Awarding of the co-founder

After one year, Anthony Marsala was selected as the best young founder. He became the winner of a 40 Under Forty awards. This was done by National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts which appreciates young leaders who are dedicated to helping the society. With his many years of experience in that field and a master’s degree, Anthony is the operating officer of MSC.

Finalist Award

The M&A Advisor awards Finalist was awarded to MSC by professionals in 2016. This happened because; MSC was recognized for setting good and admirable financial achievements. MSC was picked as the best firm in the investment sector. On the process, the finalist position was given to Chicago Company as the best industry merger. Read more: About Madison Street Capital and Madison Street Capital | Pitch Engine

Winner of Award

In a big party held at a Palm Beach hotel in March 2017, MSC was awarded praised by The M&A Advisor’s president for their good work. Madison Street Capital happened to the best among 300 firms that were competing for that position that year. This highlighted by a value below $25 million finest restructuring transaction which was seen in 2016.

Merging Help

After winning in2017, they started the year by awarding and helping DCG Software Value merge with The Spitfire Group. This is the company that is known for providing analysis and software support services. With many offices in Britain and Pennsylvania, this company has gained a lot from the advice given by MSC.

Investment Projects

Madison Street Capital is also recognized for its best services for advising. ARES Security Corporation is the best due to listening to MSC. With offices in Virginia, this company gives services of protecting computer systems in government offices and nuclear plants.

Apart from ARES Security Corporation, the successful of WLR Automotive Group can be accorded to Madison Street Capital. The success can be mapped from starting from little to running a series of car repairing and maintaining firms.

Madison Street Capital

This is a Chicago based private company with more than ten years in providing all types of services ranging from advisory to acquisitions. It is the best in providing equity and merger services in Chicago. has this article in full.

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Vijay Eswaran Registers Much Success In Entrepreneurship

Vijay Eswaran is one of the founders of the renowned QI Group of companies. As the executive chairperson of the conglomerate, Vijay has played a pivotal role in enhancing its bottom-line. Founded in 1998, QI Group has diversified its portfolio into different industries.

The company engages in direct and retail sales, lifestyle and leisure, conference management, logistics, property development, collectibles and luxury, education, training and telecommunication.

Eswaran pursued his education in leading institutions of higher learning in the United States and the United Kingdom. Notably, he holds a master’s of business administration degree from the renowned Southern Illinois University.

He is also a graduate of the prestigious London School of Economics where he pursued his undergraduate degree in socio-economics. In addition, he worked for renowned corporations such as IBM. Vijay Eswaran rendered his services for other companies in Canada, Australia, Europe and the United States.

While he was still abroad, a colleague introduced him to a new field of promoting products known as multi-level marketing. He developed much interest in the same. After staying abroad for many years, he finally returned home in the 90’s. Upon arrival, he was appointed by Cosway’s, a successful MLM company, to expand its operations. Read more: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

In 1998, he teamed up with like-minded entrepreneurs to found the multi-million business. Today, the company is operating in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Moreover, the company has active operation in more than 30 countries where they render their services through vast subsidiaries.

Besides being a shrewd entrepreneur, Vijay is a motivational speaker. Over the years, he has been lecturing around the world on various topics focusing on business and spirituality. Eswaran has been invited to renowned universities and various leadership and business forums such as the World Economic Forum.

The philanthropist has also been actively involved in different community activities. To this end, he saw the need to establish RYTHM Foundation. This institution serves as the QI Group’s corporate social responsibility arm.

In Malaysia, Vijay established a local chapter of the RYTHM Foundation, which he named Vijayaratnam Foundation, after his father. His father worked closely with different charitable organizations and local non-governmental organizations on various projects, including empowerment of women, child mentoring, enhancement of special education and youth development.


Family and Property

Damac Owner Hussain Sajwani

A few weeks following Donald Trump’s announced travel ban, imposed on seven Muslim nations, billionaire real estate partner within the UAE – Hussain Sajwani – showed a picture of serenity while sitting in his room near a top 25-story Dubai skyscraper; he calmly explained how he’ll handle living as a Muslim within a Muslim nation while conducting business with a man seen as anti-Muslim. He’s changing nothing. Instead, he’s doubling on his Trump relationship. Sajwani has built one community with his Trump golf course and is at work on another. Those people who play golf understand that Trump can deliver the highest-quality golf courses, according to Sajwani, who proudly clads his traditional white Emirati robes and headdress.


More to Note – Hussain Sajwani Family Deals

Sajwani understands what Trump connotes – wealth, fame, power, opulence – and he partners with such brands to burnish projects built by his $1.9 billion Damac Properties. Truthfully, he has a Trump-like comfort with an extravagant marketing plan. Now he’s betting that this Trump brand can withstand smudges of Islamophobia.


Sajwani’s origin came when he built his very first real estate project during the early 2000s, making a 38-story residential tower sell out in under six weeks. He then went on to erect Bugatti, Fendi and even Versace brand residences and was later known for his promotional stunts, such as handing out free Lamborghinis to apartment buyers. Throughout his newest Aykon City development in Dubai, Sajwani has created an attraction known as the Aykon Dare: One puts on a harness and walks along the building’s edge – 80 stories upward.


In 2011, Sajwani planned his 42-million-square-foot community right outside Dubai – Damac Hills – which calls itself “the Middle-Eastern Beverly Hills”. Trump’s name is in the center there, thanks to a 500-acre Trump golf course with a section of Trump villas selling for $1.5 million. The course opened recently, and President Trump’s sons – Eric and Donald Jr. – attended a 1,000-person event featuring fireworks and magicians, who delighted audiences by turning grains of sand into pearls.


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Bob Reina: He Knows The Modern World

The modern world, as people know it, is changing and it is important to keep up with the times. If not, people tend to get left behind. That is why Bob Reina was wise to be ahead of the times back in 2007 when he started Talk Fusion. He always pays close attention, does his research, and is prepared. This way, when that moment comes, he is ready for it. Nothing is going to catch him off balance. He saw how the world was gearing towards technology and how it was really growing and people were using it in their every day life.


In an article about Bob Reina, he talked about how he had a mission to change lives. He knew this was the type of product that could really inspire people and set a fire under them and get them excited about their future. As people often say, if you take care of the present, the future will take care of you. With Talk Fusion, it is about seeing the tech wave and being ready for it. With their video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences, they were going to be ready for it all and have it prepared. Learn more:


Just like anything in life, Bob Reina knew it would not be an easy process and it has taken time. That is only because he wanted to get it right. He also knew that giving back was a big part of Talk Fusion. He made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, which saved a number of animal lives and helped the workers as well. People are happy and they were in awe, but they know this what they have come to expect from Bob Reina. They can expect even more gestures like that moving forward. Learn more:


Another big thing with Talk Fusion is the fact they have 30-day free trials. Bob Reina does not want to put pressure on anyone at all. He wants them to use Talk Fusion because they feel comfortable with it and they know what they are getting involved in when they agree to it.



Hussain Sajwani: an entaprunuial savant

With his net worth resting at an astounding 3.8 billion dollars, Hussain Sajwani is nearly as successful as he is charitable. Hussain Sajwani began his corporate career after graduating from the University of Washington. He started out as a Contracts Manager for GASCO, a natural gas producing company and after gaining some experience Husain Sajwani started his own catering venture. After some time this lead to his founding of DAMAC Properties in 2002.


DAMAC Properties is one of the largest property development companies in the middle east. DAMAC is based in Dubai, which is of course located in the United Arab Emirates. Projects vary in category from residential and commercial to mixed-use. Many of DAMAC’s projects are award winning and range in location from Dubai and Qatar to Jordan and the United Kingdom. Recently DAMAC has finished two master developments in Dubai, The outstanding DAMAC Hills (A residential complex that focuses on Beverly Hills-style living) and the championship-standard Trump International Golf Club Dubai. Not only did the DAMAC owner build his Dubai golf club, Hussain Sajwani also has an ongoing relationship with president Trump and Lucrative arrangements through his children.


Hussain Sajwani Dealings with the President have been put on hold for the foreseeable future, seeing as the presidents direct involvement would be a conflict of interest. However, Sajwani still intends to coordinate with his children for using his brand in property development. Even though President Trump has no current business dealings with Sajwani, The two seem to enjoy a casual relationship. They spent new years together, where the whole Hussain Sajwani family enjoyed soon-to-be President Trump’s speech. Beyond his economic ventures, Hussain Sajwani is also an activist in humanitarian efforts.


Sajwani and DAMAC Properties support a Ramadan charity initiative. This initiative aims to provide clothing to deprived children scattered throughout the globe. Sajwani wrote a check for two million AED that will help cloth more than 50,000 children. In addition to this, Damac properties has worked conjointly with Emirates Red Crescent, a humanitarian organization, and raised over 120 million AED in support of this clothing campaign for those in need.


Hussain Sajawani is truly a remarkable businessmen and despite all his accomplishments, he has managed to stay humble.


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