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Betsy DeVos: From Philanthropy To Secretary Of Education

The recently appointed United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos is known for various philanthropic activities including education activism and to promote arts and culture. She thinks that education makes man and the community better, and she thinks that everyone should have access to high-quality education irrespective of the area, community or financial status of the parents. She is a strong proponent of the quality of education and thinks that the quality has gone down over the years. She has put forwarded few action plans that are aimed to improve the quality of education to help the children to follow the great American dream. It includes the school of choice – an option to choose the school according to parents’ wish and charter system of schooling – an option to give greater autonomy for the schools apart from the public school system. Her other suggestions include school vouchers – a type of discount vouchers for students from the government funding and school grading system – an option to grade each public and private schools according to its performance.

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She is also focused on other philanthropic activities as well. She set up a foundation with her husband Dick DeVos named Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to contribute to various causes. They have contributed $139 million until the date, and in the year 2015 alone they made contributions worth $11.6 million. It should be noted that their five-year political contributions are just standing at $5.5 million. Apart from education, they contribute to arts, justice, community, and leadership. Many of the organizations including Center for Individual Rights, Institute for Justice, Acton Institute, Baptists for Life, etc., have received the contributions from them. To promote arts, DeVos family instituted ArtPrize in 2009, an international art and culture competition held every year in Grand Rapids. She is appointed to the board of Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, an arts center for dance, theater, orchestral, ballet, etc. Both of them have established Betsy and Dick DeVos Scholars for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship at Northwood University, and it is for BBA students of the institution or combined BBA/MBA graduates.

Earlier, she completed her graduation in Bachelor of Arts from Calvin College located in Grand Rapids. Betsy DeVos is a Republican Party follower and was active in many fundraising programs for the party along with philanthropy. When it comes to business, she is the chairwoman of the Windquest Group, an investment firm with holdings in clean energy, technology, and manufacturing. Betsy is also a board member and chief investor of Neurocore along with her husband. It is an institution focusing on providing biofeedback therapy to improve the brain power, to counter attention deficit disorder, anxiety, depression, and autism.

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How to maintain a shiny, healthy and beautiful hair

Regardless of the fact that it is a dead tissue, people spend a lot of time, funds, and energy on the hair care. Considerably, we should. Apart from being amusing with style and colour, the hair has a vital biological purpose. For instance, it maintains the warmth of your head and also regulating the body temperature. Since you spend much time with your hair, especially if you are a woman, it requires proper care to keep it shiny, healthy, and beautiful.

There are several ways in which one can maintain her hair. One of them includes treating the Wet hair with care because at that moment, it is usually fragile and can break easily. The second tip involves proper Conditioning. Conditioners are made to lock in the moisture content within the hair shaft giving it a soft feel. Additionally, apply shampoo and a conditioner from the same company because it has the same formulation. Using a single line rather than two individual products gives better results. Lastly, stay away from Tight Hair Ties. Alternatively, choose scrunches that have a cloth around them. Stiff hair ties incline to pull your hair back tightly, which leads to increase of friction and can cause breakage.

Simultaneously, Wen brand for women can help you achieve your dreams of having healthy hair. WEN is a unique concept that is used in hair cleansing. It was formulated as a substitute for people’s habitual ways of hair cleansing.

You can utilise WEN conditioner daily because it is made to clean and moisten your hair gently. For a prompt restorative between the clean-ups, Chaz ( advocates for WEN’s Replenishing Treatment Mist. The product was produced as an ultra-light weight, leave-in conditioner for individuals looking for more hydration during the day or to assist with the next day styling. Need Wen? Order online on or


Wessex Institute of Technology: Diverse Research

Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is a postgraduate research center located in Ashurst, England that specializes in systems and mechanics. Participants are able to choose from a variety of activities. Graduate programs at the master and doctorate level allow students to collaborate with other worldwide institution and earn degrees. Research within the fields of fluid mechanics and industrial research make progress that has been recognized by the media and other universities. WIT’s publishing arm produces scientific books, monographs, and edited works that are distributed among researches and various publications. This online feature is accompanied by an eLibrary with access to the finest materials and references only available to current WIT individuals. Nevertheless, the library holds a database of finished products that are available to the public. Finally, software services provide technological support and frequently collaborate with aerospace and automotive industries. All of the above activities are directly sponsored by Wessex Institute of Technology and have corresponding conferences on campus.

Principal Carlos Brebbia manages the institution, enforcing work quality and acceptance criteria for all researchers. WIT’s mission is to develop the growth of professional research and create a positive atmosphere with achievement in mind. Resources such as a library, online database, and team-oriented workspaces allow researchers to use effective material while maintaining close relationships with fellow peers. WIT’s standards are high and the achievements of participants are even more impressive. The institution has developed multiple award winning papers that have made enormous impacts on the fields of agriculture and microbiology. After success is found at WIT, many individuals continue on to careers supported by the institution in academia or the natural sciences. Magazines, television channels, and journals have praised WIT’s history of excellence and their dedication to a better society.