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Madison Street Capital Is Awarded for Chairing Acuna & Asociados S.A Acquisition




On 29th August 2016, Madison Street Capital was elated to be awarded the best advisors by M&A Advisor Awards. The Chicago-based international banking firm has been for decades provided insightful financial advice to institutions.



M&A Awards



The celebration marks an achievement following the contribution of leading firms and employees in various organizations.






Madison Street Capital was nominated for being the boutique investment banking organization in 2016. Additionally, it received the international and industrial deal of 2016 award. The latter award was Madison’s recognition for being the core facilitator in the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados by Dowco. The transaction was chaired by Madison Street Capital senior managing director Mr. D’ Cunha.



Charles Botchway Appreciates the Award



Giving his speech of appreciation on behalf of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, the chief executive officer and founder of the company, said that he was elated to have contributed to the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados of South Africa, their long-term client, and associate. He also added that the company was honored to have been recognized as the year’s boutique investment banking company internationally. Charles Botchway said that their dealmakers work round the clock to connect clients with the growing and evolving business depending on their demands.



Madison Street Capital



For years, Madison Street Capital has taken the forefront position in offering financial banking services. Madison, an international business organization, is dedicated to integrity, excellence, and leadership. With strong leadership from and expertise from the management, Madison Street Capital offers financial services, opinions, merger as well as acquisitions and valuation services across different sectors in both public and private institutions. These services provided by Madison hugely contribute to client’s success in the universal market niche.






By undertaking various new projects from clients, Madison Street Capital works in partnerships with like-minded organizations to become the best financial advisors in the world. The services range from financial advisory packages to successful capital raising and M&A transactions. According to Madison Street Capital reputation, emerging markets are the primary components to the global growth of customers. The result encourages clients to continue focusing on significant assets in the markets. With a proven track record of success, Madison Street Capital has garnered consumer trust across the world through their unwavering commitment to giving their clients the best services.


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