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The exceptional Business and Leadership achievements of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is one of the most focused individuals who are not resting at any point until her results are felt in both business and leadership. The lady is known to have one of the most remarkable resumes across the world earned from her persistent achievements in the field of business. By the fact that every person has specific areas of interest, Lori’s areas of interest include photography, entrepreneurship, politics, technology, and business.

In her career, Lori has worked as a top executive at several companies including the McCann Erickson, KBS and International businesswoman. In the MDC partner agencies, she worked as a board member consultant to ensure the company’s growth and cross-collaboration. Currently, Lori is serving as the Global CEO in one of the most promising advertising agents known as the CP+ Bogusky. She felt honored for the request by Chuck Porter to work with the leadership team of the CP+B with him. In her career, Senecal has worked selflessly in developing strategic partnerships, accelerating the growth of the agencies across the world as well and creating new business divisions.

Lori’s exceptional life has earned her several awards and honors such as the 2014 Ad Age’s women to keep watch and the 2013 Quantum Leap award. It is also important to note that Lori is the Isaac award’s founder where she served as the Jury chair. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

In every company where Lori has worked, the company is known to register tremendous results. As an individual, she strongly believes in the invention as the vehicle to deliver competitive brands’ advantage. She has led in the generation of new inventions that has significantly rewarded companies including KBS where she established the agency business units for start-up investments, technology, and content creation as well. In addition, she helped KBs to grow from a domestic agency of 250 people to over 900 people worldwide.

When it comes to leadership, Lori is one of the greatest leaders that every employee would wish to work for. She significantly helps her employees by all means possible to create and actualize their dream careers. She has created her legacy of backing up and incubating most of the employees’ startup projects by organizing competitions for agency-wide inventions where the employees inspired to come up with their projects thus promoting the culture of invention. Lori is the leader who involves clients to help in the optimization of the agency structures and capabilities.

While many leaders are mean to share their knowledge and skills, Lori Senecal has been sharing her thought leadership and industry insights through the television appearances and speaking engagement.

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The Copy That Is Read

For every podcast there is copy behind the scenes that someone is reading. While this marketing venue itself is very popular, it is still driven by perhaps the oldest marketing tactic in sales copy.

According to Crunchbase, to emulate the detail that Norman Pattiz goes into in making PodcastOne the media giant that it is quickly becoming, it might help everyone to go behind the scenes of a typical podcast to see one layer of what makes podcasting so effective. Just like radio programming of old, there is a script that the narrator has to go by in order to make a podcast effective.

Unlike radio though, which was one dimensional simply due to the infancy of that venue itself, Podcasting copy has to be more detailed. The business world is much more complex and involved than it was 100 years ago, so the copy has to reflect that complexity in a way that is still listenable and understandable by the audience. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

So in addition to making good sales copy for a specific company or product, people also need to take the demographics of the audience and where that audience is in the world, all in mind when writing the copy.

The recent study that was done for PodcastOne by Edison Research will go a long way in helping the copywriters at Podcast One in determining how the copy should be written. Marketing copy has to change with marketing trends and consumer habits, and the study that was recently done shows just that.

This makes for perfect research material for the copywriters as it is very business specific. This may be the most unsung part of podcasting, yet arguably the most important. After all, chances are very good that what is said in a podcast is not improvised as no other form of media presents itself in that fashion. And as competitive as business sales and marketing is now, it would be foolish not to take the copywriting aspect of a podcast seriously.