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Waiakea fresh water tops 4000% growth

With so many water related products on the market, how do you know which one is the most pure?

Waiakea is the new hit new water formula that comes from Hawaii (specifically the ice caps of Mauna Loa). The water that comes in a Waiakea water bottle comes naturally run through thousands of feet of volcanic rock.

This brand of water that humans end up consuming has plenty of beneficial electrolytes and essential minerals. Waiakea water is made with alkaline, which gives it that sweet taste people rave about.

The company starting selling water in 2012. Five years after being released to the general public, Waiakea water has grown in size by over 4000%. Waiakea uses environmentally friendly packaging to transport all of its products.

This company is so much more than selling a bottle of water. Waiakea is looking to make a positive difference in human lives and protect the planet.

Waiakea stands behind its mission to keep the environment clean and help the less fortunate get access to clean water. All packaging for the waters comes from recycled materials. Waiakea is said to have to be the only carbon neutral product to sell in Hawaii.

Waiakea springs spends a lot of time giving back to many parts of the world. After every litter of water they sell, over six hundred liters of clean water is given to parts of Africa and Europe that need it. Pump aid has helped with the donations.

Waiakea has been featured on several television shows and review websites. The company won Food and Beverage Innovation Award for 2015 and became #2 on the list of Leading Bottled Water Brands for 2016. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

Continuing to consume healthy water and use environmentally-safe packaging will continue to help our planet grow and sustain energy. It is time to do your part to preserve our planet for generations to come. Put down those harmful water bottles and pick up a Waiakea product instead.