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Damac Owner Hussain Sajwani

A few weeks following Donald Trump’s announced travel ban, imposed on seven Muslim nations, billionaire real estate partner within the UAE – Hussain Sajwani – showed a picture of serenity while sitting in his room near a top 25-story Dubai skyscraper; he calmly explained how he’ll handle living as a Muslim within a Muslim nation while conducting business with a man seen as anti-Muslim. He’s changing nothing. Instead, he’s doubling on his Trump relationship. Sajwani has built one community with his Trump golf course and is at work on another. Those people who play golf understand that Trump can deliver the highest-quality golf courses, according to Sajwani, who proudly clads his traditional white Emirati robes and headdress.


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Sajwani understands what Trump connotes – wealth, fame, power, opulence – and he partners with such brands to burnish projects built by his $1.9 billion Damac Properties. Truthfully, he has a Trump-like comfort with an extravagant marketing plan. Now he’s betting that this Trump brand can withstand smudges of Islamophobia.


Sajwani’s origin came when he built his very first real estate project during the early 2000s, making a 38-story residential tower sell out in under six weeks. He then went on to erect Bugatti, Fendi and even Versace brand residences and was later known for his promotional stunts, such as handing out free Lamborghinis to apartment buyers. Throughout his newest Aykon City development in Dubai, Sajwani has created an attraction known as the Aykon Dare: One puts on a harness and walks along the building’s edge – 80 stories upward.


In 2011, Sajwani planned his 42-million-square-foot community right outside Dubai – Damac Hills – which calls itself “the Middle-Eastern Beverly Hills”. Trump’s name is in the center there, thanks to a 500-acre Trump golf course with a section of Trump villas selling for $1.5 million. The course opened recently, and President Trump’s sons – Eric and Donald Jr. – attended a 1,000-person event featuring fireworks and magicians, who delighted audiences by turning grains of sand into pearls.


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