Hussain Sajwani: an entaprunuial savant

With his net worth resting at an astounding 3.8 billion dollars, Hussain Sajwani is nearly as successful as he is charitable. Hussain Sajwani began his corporate career after graduating from the University of Washington. He started out as a Contracts Manager for GASCO, a natural gas producing company and after gaining some experience Husain Sajwani started his own catering venture. After some time this lead to his founding of DAMAC Properties in 2002.


DAMAC Properties is one of the largest property development companies in the middle east. DAMAC is based in Dubai, which is of course located in the United Arab Emirates. Projects vary in category from residential and commercial to mixed-use. Many of DAMAC’s projects are award winning and range in location from Dubai and Qatar to Jordan and the United Kingdom. Recently DAMAC has finished two master developments in Dubai, The outstanding DAMAC Hills (A residential complex that focuses on Beverly Hills-style living) and the championship-standard Trump International Golf Club Dubai. Not only did the DAMAC owner build his Dubai golf club, Hussain Sajwani also has an ongoing relationship with president Trump and Lucrative arrangements through his children.


Hussain Sajwani Dealings with the President have been put on hold for the foreseeable future, seeing as the presidents direct involvement would be a conflict of interest. However, Sajwani still intends to coordinate with his children for using his brand in property development. Even though President Trump has no current business dealings with Sajwani, The two seem to enjoy a casual relationship. They spent new years together, where the whole Hussain Sajwani family enjoyed soon-to-be President Trump’s speech. Beyond his economic ventures, Hussain Sajwani is also an activist in humanitarian efforts.


Sajwani and DAMAC Properties support a Ramadan charity initiative. This initiative aims to provide clothing to deprived children scattered throughout the globe. Sajwani wrote a check for two million AED that will help cloth more than 50,000 children. In addition to this, Damac properties has worked conjointly with Emirates Red Crescent, a humanitarian organization, and raised over 120 million AED in support of this clothing campaign for those in need.


Hussain Sajawani is truly a remarkable businessmen and despite all his accomplishments, he has managed to stay humble.


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