Betsy DeVos: From Philanthropy To Secretary Of Education

The recently appointed United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos is known for various philanthropic activities including education activism and to promote arts and culture. She thinks that education makes man and the community better, and she thinks that everyone should have access to high-quality education irrespective of the area, community or financial status of the parents. She is a strong proponent of the quality of education and thinks that the quality has gone down over the years. She has put forwarded few action plans that are aimed to improve the quality of education to help the children to follow the great American dream. It includes the school of choice – an option to choose the school according to parents’ wish and charter system of schooling – an option to give greater autonomy for the schools apart from the public school system. Her other suggestions include school vouchers – a type of discount vouchers for students from the government funding and school grading system – an option to grade each public and private schools according to its performance.

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She is also focused on other philanthropic activities as well. She set up a foundation with her husband Dick DeVos named Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to contribute to various causes. They have contributed $139 million until the date, and in the year 2015 alone they made contributions worth $11.6 million. It should be noted that their five-year political contributions are just standing at $5.5 million. Apart from education, they contribute to arts, justice, community, and leadership. Many of the organizations including Center for Individual Rights, Institute for Justice, Acton Institute, Baptists for Life, etc., have received the contributions from them. To promote arts, DeVos family instituted ArtPrize in 2009, an international art and culture competition held every year in Grand Rapids. She is appointed to the board of Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, an arts center for dance, theater, orchestral, ballet, etc. Both of them have established Betsy and Dick DeVos Scholars for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship at Northwood University, and it is for BBA students of the institution or combined BBA/MBA graduates.

Earlier, she completed her graduation in Bachelor of Arts from Calvin College located in Grand Rapids. Betsy DeVos is a Republican Party follower and was active in many fundraising programs for the party along with philanthropy. When it comes to business, she is the chairwoman of the Windquest Group, an investment firm with holdings in clean energy, technology, and manufacturing. Betsy is also a board member and chief investor of Neurocore along with her husband. It is an institution focusing on providing biofeedback therapy to improve the brain power, to counter attention deficit disorder, anxiety, depression, and autism.

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Waiakea fresh water tops 4000% growth

With so many water related products on the market, how do you know which one is the most pure?

Waiakea is the new hit new water formula that comes from Hawaii (specifically the ice caps of Mauna Loa). The water that comes in a Waiakea water bottle comes naturally run through thousands of feet of volcanic rock.

This brand of water that humans end up consuming has plenty of beneficial electrolytes and essential minerals. Waiakea water is made with alkaline, which gives it that sweet taste people rave about.

The company starting selling water in 2012. Five years after being released to the general public, Waiakea water has grown in size by over 4000%. Waiakea uses environmentally friendly packaging to transport all of its products.

This company is so much more than selling a bottle of water. Waiakea is looking to make a positive difference in human lives and protect the planet.

Waiakea stands behind its mission to keep the environment clean and help the less fortunate get access to clean water. All packaging for the waters comes from recycled materials. Waiakea is said to have to be the only carbon neutral product to sell in Hawaii.

Waiakea springs spends a lot of time giving back to many parts of the world. After every litter of water they sell, over six hundred liters of clean water is given to parts of Africa and Europe that need it. Pump aid has helped with the donations.

Waiakea has been featured on several television shows and review websites. The company won Food and Beverage Innovation Award for 2015 and became #2 on the list of Leading Bottled Water Brands for 2016. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

Continuing to consume healthy water and use environmentally-safe packaging will continue to help our planet grow and sustain energy. It is time to do your part to preserve our planet for generations to come. Put down those harmful water bottles and pick up a Waiakea product instead.

How to maintain a shiny, healthy and beautiful hair

Regardless of the fact that it is a dead tissue, people spend a lot of time, funds, and energy on the hair care. Considerably, we should. Apart from being amusing with style and colour, the hair has a vital biological purpose. For instance, it maintains the warmth of your head and also regulating the body temperature. Since you spend much time with your hair, especially if you are a woman, it requires proper care to keep it shiny, healthy, and beautiful.

There are several ways in which one can maintain her hair. One of them includes treating the Wet hair with care because at that moment, it is usually fragile and can break easily. The second tip involves proper Conditioning. Conditioners are made to lock in the moisture content within the hair shaft giving it a soft feel. Additionally, apply shampoo and a conditioner from the same company because it has the same formulation. Using a single line rather than two individual products gives better results. Lastly, stay away from Tight Hair Ties. Alternatively, choose scrunches that have a cloth around them. Stiff hair ties incline to pull your hair back tightly, which leads to increase of friction and can cause breakage.

Simultaneously, Wen brand for women can help you achieve your dreams of having healthy hair. WEN is a unique concept that is used in hair cleansing. It was formulated as a substitute for people’s habitual ways of hair cleansing.

You can utilise WEN conditioner daily because it is made to clean and moisten your hair gently. For a prompt restorative between the clean-ups, Chaz ( advocates for WEN’s Replenishing Treatment Mist. The product was produced as an ultra-light weight, leave-in conditioner for individuals looking for more hydration during the day or to assist with the next day styling. Need Wen? Order online on or


Why Financial Advisors Need to Speak About Social Security to Their Clients: David Giertz Shares His Insight

From the financial advisor’s point of view on Facebook, covering or guiding customers on social security topic is quite hard. It is a reason that some advisors do not include it whenever having a session with their clients. According to Dave Giertz, Social Security is a hard topic to cover. The social security handbook has over 2700 rules, which the advisors need to go through and master. Mastering over 2700 rules can be a hard task. In addition, it can be time-consuming.

Although many financial advisors are avoiding the topic on Nationwide, a survey carried out shown that most people are getting social security advisory from their financial advisors. Another concluded that four of every five people would switch their financial advisors if they did not talk about social security at Giertz recommends all financial advisors to ensure that they cover the topic to avoid losing their clients.

About Dave

David Giertz is the current president of Nationwide Financial Sales and Distribution Company popularly known as NFS Distributors Inc. Dave role is to come up with a strategy and take care of the distribution of private sector retirement plans, annuities, life insurance, specialty and mutual funds transferred through banks, regional firms, warehouses and independent brokers or dealers.

With over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, Dave has worked with some organizations in various positions. David Giertz has served as a board member of the Board of Trustees with Millikin University; he is an industry arbitrator working with FINRA. Dave attended the University of Miami where he got an MBA, and Millikin University and got a BS.

Bob Reina Leaves His Mark For People To Recognize

One of the common side effects of fame and excellence is that people are going to recognize people who achieve this. Bob Reina is one of these people who have achieved some really amazing goals. For one thing, he has come from a place that people don’t expect an entrepreneur to come in from. He has come in from law enforcement.

He has spent a good part of his career working as a police officer. Therefore, he has taken the time to serve his community. Meanwhile, he has always maintained his ambition for achieving life changing objectives.

Besides his greatest achievement which is Talk Fusion, Bob Reina is involved in many different acts of generosity and philanthropy. He has made generous donations to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay of a total of $1 million.

He has also involved himself with different animals in order to save their lives. He has managed this from one simple goal which is to help charities and other nonprofit organizations reach as many people as possible so that they can assist them in getting their life to a better state. This shows that Bob Reina does have a really big heart that goes out especially to the less fortunate.

While it goes without saying that Talk Fusion is one of the most effective advertising apps with all of the features and innovative purposes, the customers have written reviews that have confirmed that it is very effective.

Bob Reina also has other goals that he is pursuing which will make it even easier for people to achieve their personal objectives. P

The Success of Thor Halvorssen

An influential individual who is both a human rights activist as well as a proponent of human rights is Thor Halvorssen, a young individual who has been exposed to human rights activism ever since he was a young boy with parents who traveled all over the world to promote universal rights for all. This exposure at a young age influenced Thor Halvorssen to follow in the footsteps of both his parents as well as his grandparents to become a human rights activist who is interested in making sure that each individual has even the simplest right of being able to speak or being able to practice a religion of choice. Despite the young age of Thor Halvorssen, he possesses much knowledge as well as experience in human rights activism and making sure that an individual’s voice in even the most impoverished and oppressive country is heard by any oppressive regime or militaristic government.

Thor Halvorssen is the proud owner as well as the proud founder of the Human Rights Foundation which is located in New York City and was founded in 2005. Thor Halvorssen set the location of this foundation in New York City due to the fact that this is one of the most influential locations in the world. Thor Halvorssen has always thought himself to be a citizen of the world due to the fact that he is able to speak multiple different languages and due to the fact that he has family roots in regions such as Latin America as well as in Norway.

The Human Right Foundation has the primary goal of promoting freedom all over the world. Thor Halvorssen is so passionate about this endeavor that he has been beaten, imprisoned, as well as threatened on numerous occasions while promoting the rights of others. In recent news, Thor Halvorssen has called out numerous celebrities such as Nicki Minaj for performing for large sums of money in some of the world’s most oppressive countries.

Weekly Scientific Papers Published by Oncotarget Supplies Current Research

Oncotarget is a traditional scientific journal that is multidisciplinary in nature for topics about oncology and related subject matter. In addition to the subject of oncology, other topics such as pathology, cardiology, metabolism, neuropathology/neuroscience, endocrinology, pharmacology and immunology/microbiology can be addressed.

Oncotarget is a weekly publication so that any new findings, studies, conclusions and new data can be made available as quickly as possible so that lives can be saved where possibly new discoveries can be used by the medical community at large.

The publication has been available since 2010 and is freely given to the medical community as a source of new discoveries and research in the oncology field of medicine. The Editors-in-Chief are Mikhail V. Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Budkov of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute of Buffalo, New York.

Articles are submitted to the editorial board which evaluates and has at least two peer-reviewers process on YouTube the information in the manuscript. This ensures that separate reviewers will be able to be knowledgeable in that particular topic so that there will be no compromising or inabilities to render an unbiased conclusion about the topic and procedures.

It is very important that papers that are submitted be free of any opinions that are not backed up by thorough citations, that there is no prejudicial treatment of subject matter, that all personal views be omitted, and that all conclusions be based upon the sole basis of scientific conclusions on

Editors give their evaluation of manuscripts based on their merit as to the how pertinent the paper is to the subject at hand. There can be no reference to any political inference, sexual orientation, gender-based information, ethnic leaning or religious reference.

Editors are not able to disclose any of the information contained in the article to anyone except the author. The unpublished information cannot be used by the editors for their purposes, and all of the information is kept strictly confidential until it is published. The peer review process ensures that integrity prevails throughout the evaluation process so that the purest results are given.

The author should strive to present in the clearest manner possible a premise, backed by thorough research and citation, with a vivid and well-stated conclusion.
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The Entrepreneurship Ventures of Solvy’s Founder and His Involvement in the Russian Economy

Alexei Beltyukov is a prosperous Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is a graduate of the INSTEAD University where he got a master’s degree in business administration in 1997. Mr. Beltyukov was one of the few Russians in the French institution, and he is currently devoted to offering scholarships to citizens of his country who join the university.

He is the founder of the INSEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship. The businessman’s initial career was in medicine, and he later switched to entrepreneurship. He has been the founder and the managing partner of Endemic Capital, which was created in 2013.

The primary function of the firm was to act as a support funding for startup enterprises in Russia. Alexei also started other charity institutions that helped Russian citizens who wanted to attend school and venture into business.

Beltyukov created the New Gas Technologies in 2006 and the primary commodity that the company dealt with is natural gas and how it can be utilized in various industries. He was the chairperson of the company’s board.

He is also the proprietor of the A-Ventures Limited, which was operational since 2007 and it was committed to offering support to financially unstable firms in Russia. He served as its managing partner, and it was sold in 2014.

The company has majored in the commercialization of power lasers for mining, natural gas, oil, and geothermal industries.

Another enterprise that he founded is SOLVY. He has served as its chief operating officer since February 2005. The firm has been devoted to educating children in Russia by offering guidance in subjects such as mathematics. The program allows that students and teachers to interact through the internet. The learners solve problems with guidance from SOLVY, and the tutors can correct them when they are wrong.

He offered excellent service to the organizations, and his economic-based guidance has been crucial to the government. According to, Alexei Beltyukov has led Skolkovo Foundation to create more than 12,700 jobs for the Russians.

Wessex Institute of Technology: Diverse Research

Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is a postgraduate research center located in Ashurst, England that specializes in systems and mechanics. Participants are able to choose from a variety of activities. Graduate programs at the master and doctorate level allow students to collaborate with other worldwide institution and earn degrees. Research within the fields of fluid mechanics and industrial research make progress that has been recognized by the media and other universities. WIT’s publishing arm produces scientific books, monographs, and edited works that are distributed among researches and various publications. This online feature is accompanied by an eLibrary with access to the finest materials and references only available to current WIT individuals. Nevertheless, the library holds a database of finished products that are available to the public. Finally, software services provide technological support and frequently collaborate with aerospace and automotive industries. All of the above activities are directly sponsored by Wessex Institute of Technology and have corresponding conferences on campus.

Principal Carlos Brebbia manages the institution, enforcing work quality and acceptance criteria for all researchers. WIT’s mission is to develop the growth of professional research and create a positive atmosphere with achievement in mind. Resources such as a library, online database, and team-oriented workspaces allow researchers to use effective material while maintaining close relationships with fellow peers. WIT’s standards are high and the achievements of participants are even more impressive. The institution has developed multiple award winning papers that have made enormous impacts on the fields of agriculture and microbiology. After success is found at WIT, many individuals continue on to careers supported by the institution in academia or the natural sciences. Magazines, television channels, and journals have praised WIT’s history of excellence and their dedication to a better society.

George Soros Continues to Discuss Politics After Election

George Soros has been one of the most influential people in the world for the past few decades due to his incredible net worth and strong influences on the social and political climate across the world. Soros amassed his net worth of $25 billion through the ownership and management of Soros Funds, one of the largest and most successful hedge funds in the world. Today, he is one of the twenty wealthiest people in the world.

While Soros is Austrian born and spent the majority of his childhood in the United Kingdom, he has continued to have a strong interest in social and political issues that are taking place in the United States. This past year, Soros made a significant amount of news when he pledged his backing to the Hillary Clinton campaign early during her presidential campaign.

Overall, it is estimated that George Soros raised over $25 million either personally or through various interest groups that he is a part of. This money went to help her win the Democratic nomination, but also heavily focused on defeating Donald Trump in the Presidential election.

The weekend following the election, Soros gathered various political and social leaders from around the US and the rest of the globe at a conference room in Washington DC. The meeting took place with the intent to discuss the future of the Democratic party and to also discuss what steps could be taken to help reduce the impact that the Republican Presidency, and Trump in particular, could have on the world.

Thus far, the biggest takeaway from the meeting has been that the political party needs to get people to vote in larger margins going forward. It has been thought that part of the reason that Trump was victorious is that many people believed that Clinton would easily win the electoral college, which reduced the need for individual voters to come out on the election day. Going forward, the party will take steps to increase the turnout from voters in areas all over the country in presidential elections as well as all elections that could impact Congress over the next four years.

This is not the first time that Soros has taken an interest in the US Presidential election. In 2004 he reportedly donated over $10 million to campaigns looking to unseat George W Bush, which were ultimately unsuccessful.

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