Securus Technologies Offers Solutions for Illegal Communication Attempts

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company serving the inmate communication industry as well as providing government services to help improve the security of various correctional facilities across Texas and nationwide.


In August, there was yet another Facebook Live video which was filmed by an inmate. The means of which is a contrabanded cellphone. That was one of the many such cases which can prove to be a huge problem for national security. The latest video which opened the discussion was filmed by an inmate who was serving a sentence of ten years in prison for burglary. The video was three and a half minutes long, and the prisoner was showing how he is brandishing his knife.


The reason why that is alarming is that contraband cell phones are illegal and what is more this luxury of communication can be easily used for disturbing acts. There is, however, a way to solve this security issue.


According to Securus Technologies Inc., the solution for illegal communication is to enforce wireless containment. This solution is designed with two points in mind – to detect and to prevent. The rate of efficacy is quite high for this solution as it has detected and prevented well over 1. 7 million attempts for illegal communication made from 8 different correctional facilities across the United States of America.


What the installation of the Wireless Containment Solutions (WCS) does is that once it has detected an unauthorized cell phone connected to the commercial wireless network, WCS disturbs that connection at once and it prevents any further attempts of the mobile phone to log in to the Internet.


It is imperative for such illegal communication attempts to be prevented in the future as much as possible, Wireless Containment Solutions has come out with the tool that might be the answer to the nationwide problem.