The Impact Of The Do Good Institute On Tertiary Education

After selling his franchise, the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson decided to become a philanthropist. He contributed to the establishment of the Do Good Institute, which is based at the University of Maryland. The incentive, a pioneer in tertiary education, seeks to enlighten Bachelor degree students’ at the University of Maryland on the necessity of giving back to the community. The ultimate objective, however, is to create holistic and competent individuals equipped with humanitarian skills. The initiative has received a warm welcome.

According to Bruce Levenson,, numerous organizational had exemplary leaders whose only shortcoming was the lack of volunteering qualities. Since it is imperative to possess these virtues as a recipe for success, Bruce was driven to share his knowledge on the subject. In conjunction with his spouse, they pitched the idea to the University, who agreed unanimously.

After approval, the Levenson family granted a sizeable $75 million donation towards the cause. The local government provided a supplementary $20 million. Among the most popular courses offered was Philanthropy 101, insight on the advantages of benevolence. Since its inception in 2010, this drive has transformed numberless students. As a measure of enhancing the course’s dependability, the organizers are planning to allow students to major on the subject shortly.

Alumni from the Institute, such as Ben Simon, have gone on to establish prosperous non-profit ventures. Ben started the Food Recovery Network, an initiative that seeks to manage waste within tertiary institutions. Speaking on the subject, Bruce said that this was a testament to the positive impact brought in by their creation.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a serial entrepreneur as well as a passionate humanitarian. He was awarded his Bachelor’s degree from the St. Louis campus of Washington University. Later, Bruce joined the American University law school, where he attained a Juris Doctor. According to ESPN, after graduating, he delved into business, owning the NBA franchise Atlanta Hawks at one time.


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  1. Aniya Brayan says:

    He concluded by expressing hope that the success of Ben and other former students will be a prototype which other college students around the county shall emulate. It is actually the individual that has do the work for Ben and other former college students.