The Success of Thor Halvorssen

An influential individual who is both a human rights activist as well as a proponent of human rights is Thor Halvorssen, a young individual who has been exposed to human rights activism ever since he was a young boy with parents who traveled all over the world to promote universal rights for all. This exposure at a young age influenced Thor Halvorssen to follow in the footsteps of both his parents as well as his grandparents to become a human rights activist who is interested in making sure that each individual has even the simplest right of being able to speak or being able to practice a religion of choice. Despite the young age of Thor Halvorssen, he possesses much knowledge as well as experience in human rights activism and making sure that an individual’s voice in even the most impoverished and oppressive country is heard by any oppressive regime or militaristic government.

Thor Halvorssen is the proud owner as well as the proud founder of the Human Rights Foundation which is located in New York City and was founded in 2005. Thor Halvorssen set the location of this foundation in New York City due to the fact that this is one of the most influential locations in the world. Thor Halvorssen has always thought himself to be a citizen of the world due to the fact that he is able to speak multiple different languages and due to the fact that he has family roots in regions such as Latin America as well as in Norway.

The Human Right Foundation has the primary goal of promoting freedom all over the world. Thor Halvorssen is so passionate about this endeavor that he has been beaten, imprisoned, as well as threatened on numerous occasions while promoting the rights of others. In recent news, Thor Halvorssen has called out numerous celebrities such as Nicki Minaj for performing for large sums of money in some of the world’s most oppressive countries.

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  1. Danny Satter says:

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