Vijay Eswaran Registers Much Success In Entrepreneurship

Vijay Eswaran is one of the founders of the renowned QI Group of companies. As the executive chairperson of the conglomerate, Vijay has played a pivotal role in enhancing its bottom-line. Founded in 1998, QI Group has diversified its portfolio into different industries.

The company engages in direct and retail sales, lifestyle and leisure, conference management, logistics, property development, collectibles and luxury, education, training and telecommunication.

Eswaran pursued his education in leading institutions of higher learning in the United States and the United Kingdom. Notably, he holds a master’s of business administration degree from the renowned Southern Illinois University.

He is also a graduate of the prestigious London School of Economics where he pursued his undergraduate degree in socio-economics. In addition, he worked for renowned corporations such as IBM. Vijay Eswaran rendered his services for other companies in Canada, Australia, Europe and the United States.

While he was still abroad, a colleague introduced him to a new field of promoting products known as multi-level marketing. He developed much interest in the same. After staying abroad for many years, he finally returned home in the 90’s. Upon arrival, he was appointed by Cosway’s, a successful MLM company, to expand its operations. Read more: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

In 1998, he teamed up with like-minded entrepreneurs to found the multi-million business. Today, the company is operating in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Moreover, the company has active operation in more than 30 countries where they render their services through vast subsidiaries.

Besides being a shrewd entrepreneur, Vijay is a motivational speaker. Over the years, he has been lecturing around the world on various topics focusing on business and spirituality. Eswaran has been invited to renowned universities and various leadership and business forums such as the World Economic Forum.

The philanthropist has also been actively involved in different community activities. To this end, he saw the need to establish RYTHM Foundation. This institution serves as the QI Group’s corporate social responsibility arm.

In Malaysia, Vijay established a local chapter of the RYTHM Foundation, which he named Vijayaratnam Foundation, after his father. His father worked closely with different charitable organizations and local non-governmental organizations on various projects, including empowerment of women, child mentoring, enhancement of special education and youth development.