Weekly Scientific Papers Published by Oncotarget Supplies Current Research

Oncotarget is a traditional scientific journal that is multidisciplinary in nature for topics about oncology and related subject matter. In addition to the subject of oncology, other topics such as pathology, cardiology, metabolism, neuropathology/neuroscience, endocrinology, pharmacology and immunology/microbiology can be addressed.

Oncotarget is a weekly publication so that any new findings, studies, conclusions and new data can be made available as quickly as possible so that lives can be saved where possibly new discoveries can be used by the medical community at large.

The publication has been available since 2010 and is freely given to the medical community as a source of new discoveries and research in the oncology field of medicine. The Editors-in-Chief are Mikhail V. Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Budkov of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute of Buffalo, New York.

Articles are submitted to the editorial board which evaluates and has at least two peer-reviewers process on YouTube the information in the manuscript. This ensures that separate reviewers will be able to be knowledgeable in that particular topic so that there will be no compromising or inabilities to render an unbiased conclusion about the topic and procedures.

It is very important that papers that are submitted be free of any opinions that are not backed up by thorough citations, that there is no prejudicial treatment of subject matter, that all personal views be omitted, and that all conclusions be based upon the sole basis of scientific conclusions on scimagojr.com.

Editors give their evaluation of manuscripts based on their merit as to the how pertinent the paper is to the subject at hand. There can be no reference to any political inference, sexual orientation, gender-based information, ethnic leaning or religious reference.

Editors are not able to disclose any of the information contained in the article to anyone except the author. The unpublished information cannot be used by the editors for their purposes, and all of the information is kept strictly confidential until it is published. The peer review process ensures that integrity prevails throughout the evaluation process so that the purest results are given.

The author should strive to present in the clearest manner possible a premise, backed by thorough research and citation, with a vivid and well-stated conclusion.
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